Tuft & Needle Original Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

Tuft & Needle has long been touted as a comfortable, durable, and low-cost mattress company that still provides customers with a supportive bed that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Tuft & Needle Original mattress prides itself in being a bed that has that bounce-back support, while also having wonderful cooling properties as well.

This particular mattress happens to be the company’s flagship bed, which means that it was the first mattress the company designed and sold. Aside from being an all-foam mattress, it’s still very affordable as compared to other typical all-foam mattresses on the market. It only uses two layers of foam, but these layers work incredibly well together to contour nicely to the body, while at the same time, not allowing heat to get trapped nor sinking into the bed too much. Moreover, it works well for people that prefer to sleep on either their backs or their stomachs.

Mattress Firmness, Comfort Type, and Height:

As mentioned earlier, the Tuft & Needle Original mattress is an all-foam mattress that works well for those that don’t want too much “hug” from their bed as they sleep. With a firmness level that sits around a medium, this makes it not too firm but not too soft, still having a nice contouring ability without too much of that plush feeling that some people prefer from their usual memory foam mattresses. And while this mattress can help alleviate pressure points, it also allows for easy movement as well. This mattress was also designed to pull heat away from the body, to allow for restful and restorative sleep instead of allowing its user to get hot and sweaty through the night. Because the mattress only uses two layers of foam, it sits at a lower 9.5 inches, which is slightly lower than the average height of most mattresses, but makes it easy to sit down on and stand up from.


This mattress is made with three layers, two of which are its specialized layers of foam that give the sleeper comfortable, pressure-relieving, and cool sleep all throughout the night.

Micro Polyamide and Polyester Cover

The micro polyamide and polyester cover is considered highly breathable, which allows a steady stream of airflow into the mattress. The company also manufactures their mattresses with antimicrobial treatment to keep it fresh and bacteria-free, while making sure that the cover helps keep the bed cool and comfortable.

3” T&N Adaptive® Foam

Tuft & Needle use their own adaptive foam which happens to be a patented blend they created to better contour to the body, allowing for maximum pressure point relief. In addition, this trademarked foam also reduces the chances of undesirable sinkage, but rather provides better bounce-back support that many sleepers prefer. Moreover, it also lessens the changes of motion transfer from one side of the mattress to another, so if you happen to sleep beside someone else at night, there are lowered risks of them being disturbed by your movements through the night, and vice versa. This layer is also infused with heat-conducting graphite and cooling gel made precisely to whisk any heat away from the body to lessen any unwanted chances of tossing and turning through the night.

Open-Cell Polyfoam

Meanwhile, the open-cell polyfoam, which is located in the core of the mattress, is mean to allow better air circulation for heat to be able to disperse even more. This makes for a much more breathable foundation for the mattress, giving sleepers better temperature-regulated rest, reducing the possibility of waking up hot and sweaty.

Product Dimensions and Price

Cal King9.5”72”84”$1,395
Twin XL9.5”39”80”$795

Trials, Inclusions and Warranty

Aside from being able to shop for your Tuft & Needle Original mattress on their online website, there a number of different retailers that sell this mattress as well. This versatile and highly affordable mattress even comes with a 100-night free trial where the company allows you to take the bed home and try it out for a little over three months to see if it’s truly the bed for you. If you happen to decide within that time that it’s not the right one, you can easily return it for as long as you have gone through the warranty inclusions and return policies, which you can easily find on their website.

The company also offers what they call a 10-year hassle free warranty, but again there are inclusions that need to be followed in order for the warranty to remain valid throughout that time. You can get in touch with the company to figure out what is covered in the warranty or not. The company also offers free shipping within the United States, although shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may have fees for delivery and returns. If you want to take a look at the mattress first before purchasing one, head over to a retail store near you to get a better look at it to see whether it fits your needs and wants. It could be one step closer to getting that quality night of sleep you’ve always dreamed of without having to pay more money than you’d like to.