Puffy Lux Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

With so many mattresses on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. But one brand that has been getting much deserved hype is the Puffy Lux mattress. Although this brand flagship mattress was an all-foam one, the Lux is considered a hybrid since it uses both foam and pocketed coils in order to provide its users with both cuddly comfort and amazing pressure relief.

The Puffy Lux mattress is also said to have an incredibly plush feel to it, like you’re sleeping on a cloud. However, despite its ultra-soft feel, it will still give sleepers support in the areas where they need it most, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips. In addition, this mattress is compatible for any type of sleeper, whether you prefer to sleep on your back or front, but it works exceptionally well for those that like to sleep only on their sides. And while this mattress is known for its slight bounce, it still has good motion isolation, so if you happen to sleep beside someone that tends to toss and turn through the night, you won’t be bothered by their incessant moving.

Mattress Firmness, Comfort Type, and Height:

Although firmness and comfort of a mattress can vary depending on the weight and height of a person, the Puffy Lux is said to have a medium-soft firmness level since it has some sinkage to it. While those that may be lighter in weight will enjoy the kind of “hug” that this mattress provides, heavier sleepers may feel like they are sinking into it a bit too much. Yet despite the soft feel to the mattress, it also provides optimal airflow, which means that hot air won’t get trapped inside the bed, allowing for a cooler and more comfortable night’s rest. The use of high-density foam is to provide better support to the spine, while it lessens any unwanted strain on the spine and back. This mattress is 12 inches in height, which makes it fall under the category of standard height for a mattress. This means that it makes it easy to slide in and out of bed, while also lessening any chances of the mattress sinking too much at the corners when there is pressure or weight.


This mattress is made with a six-layer sleep system designed by Puffy to provide their customers with amazing comfort and support, in the hopes of giving their users the best sleep of their life.

Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover

Many mattresses don’t have a cover that can be removed for washing, but the Puffy Lux uses a Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover that allows you to zip-n-wash it, as they say. This gives it users a better chance at removing unwanted dirt and buildup to reduce the chances of gathering dust and cold-causing germs. It also has a premium hypoallergenic cover whose main target it to lessen any allergy triggers and to stop dust mites from gathering in the mattress.

Cooling Cloud™ Foam

The second layer is the Cooling Cloud™ Foam, which is 1.5 inches of gel-infused breathing foam that was designed to keep you cool and comfortable as you rest. Aside from working to keep your temperature regulated throughout the night, it also works to lessen waking up sweaty and hot due to unwelcome tossing and turning that comes from unwanted heat.

Plush Dual Cloud Foam

Like the name suggests, the third layer is called Plush Dual Cloud Foam, which is 1.5 inches of pressure-relieving material meant to minimize strain and provide major relief to uncomfortable pressure points that need some extra TLC. This contouring foam also works in sync with the pocketed coils of the mattress to ensure a supportive, restorative, and tranquil night of sleep.

Climate Comfort™ Foam

This next layer was designed with 2 inches of humidity-resistant foam which works to wick heat and moisture away from the body, rather than allow it to remain as you sleep. This is yet another layer whose main objective is to keep your temperature in control all throughout the night so that you don’t wake up feeling hot and sweaty. Rather, you wake up feeling refreshed, cool, and ready to start your day.

Firm Core Support Foam + Contour-Adapt Coils

The fifth layer has 7 inches of high-density foam that uses a contour-adapt coil base in order to give the mattress extra stability and advanced edge support. Not only does this work to lessen motion transfer as you sleep, but it also adapts and contours to the body as you sleep so that you feel supported and secure.

Grip Base Cover

The last layer focuses purely on keeping your mattress in place. This means that if you happen to move around a lot, your mattress won’t move with you, but rather will stay put no matter how often you happen to change positions during the night.

Product Dimensions and Price

Split King12”38”80”$3,598
Cal King12”72”84”$2,449
Twin XL12”38”80”$1,799

Trials, Inclusions and Warranty

Puffy understands that customers can’t always immediately tell if the mattress they are considering buying is the perfect one without giving it a test run first, which is why the company provides a 101-night sleep trial to their customers. This way, it allows you to truly test the mattress out for yourself and see if its giving you the sleep that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. And once the trial is done and you still don’t feel like it’s the right bed for you, you can return the mattress and even get a refund in full! And rather than resell the mattress, Puffy actually donates them to people in need.

They also have lifetime warranty, which shows just how confident they are in their mattresses durability and value. They truly believe that their products are the best quality luxury mattresses you can find on the market and are worth every penny. Puffy also ships for free to all 48 states yet charges a shipping fee to Alaska and Hawaii. Although this mattress is a little pricier than others, they regularly offer discounts on their website. Thankfully, they also offer financing options for those that prefer to pay for the mattress monthly to make their purchase more budget-friendly. You can also visit a retail store to see the Puffy Lux mattress for yourself before purchasing one to help you decide if it’s really the one for you. You never know, it could be your very first step in finally getting the kind of quality sleep you’ve been dreaming of for so long.