Layla Memory Foam Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

There are tons of mattresses on the market, and buying the right one for you can be incredibly daunting. From mattress type to cooling abilities, firmness levels to pressure relief, there are so many things to consider when it comes to finding the one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

Considering there are so many brands to choose from, selecting just one can be difficult to do. But if you are looking for a memory foam bed that will not disappoint, Layla Memory Foam is definitely the way to go. Because it is a flippable mattress, which means it has a “soft” side and a “firm” side, it’s kind of like you’re getting two beds in one. In addition, it also has refreshing cooling power, providing its users a night of deep comfort and undisturbed sleep.

The Layla mattress was specifically designed to provide customers a cool and comfortable night of restful sleep so that they can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Regardless of what roles you may play in your day-to-day life, like what they say on their website, Layla’s goal is to help you be a better parent, friend, boss, worker – just a better person. And if you like that old school memory foam feel in a mattress, but want one that has more enhanced sleep benefits, then the Layla Memory Foam mattress could truly be the one for you. Take a closer look at what makes Layla a wonderful choice for a mattress.


Mattress Firmness, Comfort Type, and Height:

As mentioned earlier, the Layla Memory Foam mattress is a flippable mattress, which means that there are two sides to it. If you happen to be a side sleeper, then the “soft” side may be a better choice for you. Meanwhile, for sleepers that prefer to sleep on their front, or those that require some additional support – especially when it comes to keeping their hips in line with their shoulders, the “firm” side may be better choice for them. But whichever category you fall under, this mattress can give you both of these needs by a simple flip to the other side. Moreover, the mattress is made using copper foam, which is considered way better than regular memory foam since it can stay soft and snug but still give proper support, especially in the areas you need it the most like the shoulders, hips, and back. Regardless of mattress size, the Layla is 10.5 inches in height, which makes it easy to get in and out of bed as well.


This mattress has six layers that were thoroughly designed to work together in order to provide comfortable and restorative sleep all throughout the night.

Cooling Cover – Soft Side

To make it easier for customers to know which side is which when it comes to its firmness level, aside from a tag that states which side it is, Layla made its softer side a cool white gray color in their signature hexagon pattern. The highly luxurious fabric also has reactive cooling that activates depending on one’s body temperature. This also means that it aids in keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Copper Gel Memory Foam

The memory foam uses copper gel, which contains particles that are super conductive, unlike the older type of conventional memory foam. This gives it the ability to whisk away any unwanted heat from the body, allowing the body to sleep at a comfortable temperature in order to get maximum rest.

Max Airflow Support Foam

The third layer has max airflow support foam that has a deep channeling cooling system, allowing the mattress to cool from the inside out. It also incorporates surface modification technology (SMT) shapes that are cut .5” deep for additional airflow, pressure relief and customized support, making the mattress more durable and firmer where it’s needed.

Support Core Foam

The next layer is made of four inches of support core foam, whose main focus is to give major motion support control. This means that if you happen to sleep beside someone else, you won’t feel them moving around at night if they tend to toss and turn, and vice versa. Moreover, the mattress also has minimal bounce, providing a more effortless and relaxing night of sleep.

Copper-Gel Memory Foam

The copper-gel memory foam makes up the fifth layer of this mattress, and it gives it a more supportive feel overall. This also helps to bring warmer body temperatures down quicker, pulling the heat away where and when needed. Moreover, copper is also naturally antimicrobial, which helps keep odor-causing bacteria away to maintain overall mattress freshness.

Cooling Cover – Firm Side

As for the firm side of the mattress, it also has more thermos-gel cooling technology to give it better cooling abilities that activates according to your personal body temperature. To make the firm side easily distinguishable, Layla uses a black and gray color theme on their signature hexagon pattern as well.

Product Dimensions and Price

Cal King10.5”72”84”$1249
Twin XL10.5”38”80”$849

Trials, Inclusions and Warranty

Buying a Layla mattress is easy, whether you do it online or through a retail store. Layla even offers a 120-night trial, plus a 100 percent money back guarantee if you come to realize after those 4 months that it’s really not the mattress for you. They also provide free shipping to all 48 states, but charge a minimum $125 fee for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. They also give a Lifetime Warranty dependent on particular coverage inclusions which can be checked on their website. Regardless of where you purchase your Layla mattress, be sure to double check the specifications for their trial, shipping and warranty policies to make it the best experience overall. And what makes the Layla Memory Foam mattress even more attractive is the fact that it’s one of the most affordable beds on the market.