Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

If you enjoy the perks of advanced technology and wish to incorporate it even in your sleep, then the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max mattress is going to make you feel way ahead of the game when it comes to getting your daily sleep requirement. This incredibly progressive mattress not only works for people that tend to be hot sleepers, it also works for those that prefer a warmer temperature while they sleep as well.

How, you ask? This mattress is equipped with thermoregulation for both sides of the bed separately, which means that you can separately cool or warm your mattress per side, dependent on your personal cooling preferences. In addition, this mattress has improved comfort, sleep tracking abilities, heart rate data recording, and it can even monitor the temperature of the room you’re sleeping in.

This mattress even has Wi Fi support and an app that can be used with both IOS and android operating systems so that you can easily track your sleep in all its stages, time, while it even monitors your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. This mattress not only gives you feedback on your sleeping habits and overall health, it even has a full library of meditation and sleep sounds designed by sleep experts to help improve your sleep as well.

Eight Sleep prides itself in unlocking deeper and more improved sleep quality, while providing its users the perfect temperature for each individual sleeper, even if you happen to share a bed.

Each side can go between the temperatures of 55℉ to 110℉, giving a personalized sleeping space to every user. And if that wasn’t enough, this mattress can even wake you up using temperature regulation alongside a chest-level yet subtle vibration that goes off on your side of the bed at the time you set it for, so as to not bother your partner. Although this mattress is also considered pricier than most, all of its benefits and fitted technology makes it worth every single penny you spend on it. It’s a singular sleeping experience you won’t soon forget, and one you won’t be able to live without once you decide to purchase this mattress either.

Mattress Firmness, Comfort Type, and Height:

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max mattress is an all-foam smart mattress that can suit a number of sleeping positions, body weights, and temperature requirements due to its medium firmness feel. Because of its temperature-regulating capabilities, getting a cool, restful and restorative night of sleep can occur every single night since the bed was made to pull heat away from the body and cool you at your exact preferred sleeping temp. Moreover, the mattress was also designed to contour to the body, especially around the hips and shoulders, to alleviate unwanted pressure and provide unmatched support. With a height of 12 inches, it’s also an ideal height to make it easy to get in and out of bed as well.


This mattress is made with six layers of innovative and unparalleled levels of technology that provide supportive, comfortable, and temperature-regulated sleep.

1” Active Grid with ComfortBlend Topper

This incredible premium all-foam mattress begins with its custom ComfortBlend topper that covers the 1” of Active Grid. The grid is a special topper that’s made with water tubes and specialized sensors that pump either cool or warm water through it to help regulate the desired temperature of the user. Moreover, these sensors also work to track your sleep and provide information on your sleep patterns, every single night.

1” Airflow™ Top Layer

The Airflow Top layer uses a Supportive Air Technology layer that’s both responsive and cradling, allowing for maximum pressure point alleviation as it contours to the hips and shoulders. It also allows for cool comfort and maximum airflow to allow the sleeper to get the best cooling abilities of the mattress.

1” MaxChill™ Layer

The next layer is an inch-thick of MaxChill polyfoam, infused with silver, graphite and copper materials. These materials specifically work together to pull heat away from the body, allowing for the utmost comfort during sleep as it enhances the effects of the temperature regulation technology. It also works to reduce any unwanted bacteria growth, keeping your mattress clean and odor-free.

1” Tranquility™ Transition Foam

The Tranquility™ Transition Foam is yet another layer that’s means to add to the comfort mattress. Although some sleepers feel that the bed is too soft, allowing deeper sinkage, others will find that this mattress is still supportive enough that it cushions the joints nicely.

4” FlexSpring Technology Core

These 4 inches of FlexiSpring Technology foam is designed to protect its user from having a misaligned spine. In addition, this layer helps stop you from feeling like you’re stuck in the mattress. This ensures better responsiveness in the mattress, allowing you to move around better when needed.

4” Durable Premium Base

The last layer happens to be a four inch durable premium base made from high-density foam. This gives the mattress that extra needed stability and even balance, while providing the bed with additional years of life.

Product Dimensions and Price

Cal King12”72”84”$4,295

Trials, Inclusions and Warranty

Eight Sleep’s Pod 3 Max mattress is definitely pricier than many other mattresses on the market, but it also far exceeds most when it comes to technology and other capabilities. Possibly one drawback is that you can only purchase this mattress on their website, but Eight Sleep also offers a 100-night trial that allows you to try out the mattress for yourself in the comforts of your home.

But should you choose to avail of the company’s zero-charge return policy within those 100 days, they don’t actually re-use or offer refurbished foam, which means they don’t take back the mattress portion. Rather, they will help you find somewhere to either recycle, donate, or dispose of that part.

They also offer free shipping to all states excluding Hawaii and Alaska, which have a shipping fee. And as for warranty, aside from the 2-year warranty on the mattress technology, the foam portions of the mattress have a 10-year warranty. Just be sure to double check all inclusions and exclusions on the website before making your final purchase.

But if you do decide to buy this mattress, get ready for some of the best sleep of your night, every single night for the rest of your life.