Casper Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

Our Review

The Casper Original is an all foam mattress that is perfect for back sleepers. If you are a combination sleeper (back, side and stomach), then you will most certainly appreciate how responsive this mattress is. 

This mattress is perfect for those who are looking to alleviate shoulder and back pain. The mattress appears to be softer on the upper portion, therefore relieving pressure from your shoulders and back. 

The all foam mattress doesn’t transfer motion and sleeps rather cool! However, this mattress does not ‘contour’ to the body. If you are looking for a mattress to contour to your entire body, you may want to check out some of the other memory foam mattresses we reviewed! 

If you are a strict stomach sleeper or a bit on the heavy side, you may find this mattress to be too soft. The mattress falls within the mid range on the firmness scale. While it does feel soft, it is also quite supportive. 

The Casper mattress is zoned for support, which is really cool! This means that it uses firmer foams at the lower back/hip area and softer foams near the upper back and shoulders. The support set up on this mattress has been thought through extremely well and it makes a great mattress for anyone who typically feels body aches or pain when sleeping. 

Construction & Quality

1.5” open-cell foam:  A soft, breathable foam that contains thousands of perforations allow hot air to escape.
2” Zoned Support layer: A three-zone foam layer that contours to the hips and shoulders and aligns the spine.
7” Foundation: A duo-layer of pocket coil springs and base foam provides end-to-end edge support.

Cover – The cover is made up of a polyester blend and feels soft and stretchy. 

Comfort Layer – CThe Casper uses their own ‘Airscape’ foam as the top layer. This is an open cell foam, so no body heat will ever be trapped. 

Transition Layer – This is where you will find the memory foam ‘zoned’ support system. Softer foams towards the top of the mattress and firmer foams near the mid section of the mattress, near the hips. 

Base Layer – A thick layer of high density poly foam makes up the base layer, this combined with individually wrapped pocket coil springs, provides exceptional support.  

Warranty & Trial Period

Casper offers a 100 night trial period. If you are not satisfied with the mattress, you may return the mattress at no cost to you within the first 100 nights of owning the mattress.

The warranty on the mattress is for 10 years.

Price Point

Casper offers the mattress in all sizes, from Twin to California King. The price starts at $100 and lands on $1500 for the largest size offered.