Birch Natural Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

For customers looking for an eco-friendly and high quality mattress, the Birch Natural mattress is not only the company’s most popular mattress on the market, but it’s been voted the best organic mattress by a number of different publications. The Birch brand was launched by its mother company, Helix, back in 2016, and it is most popularly known for their highly sustainable and organically sourced materials for their beds, such as natural latex and organic wool that can even be traced back to their source, which are individual farms located in New Zealand.

Birch also makes sure not to use materials made from polyurethane foams and harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, retardants, and formaldehyde. Moreover, Birch makes sure not to use any toxic chemicals or materials that have harmful emissions as well. Aside from the company’s goal to provide the best organic and environmentally friendly mattress on the market, it still provides amazing support, cooling abilities, and a responsive feel, without being overly pricey.

Unlike popular memory foam mattresses made with all foam layers, the Birch Natural mattress is considered a hybrid model that has cushioning, contouring, and pocketed coils to provide the kind of comfort and support that sleepers tend to look for in a bed. Take a further look at this mattress to see whether it fits the qualifications you’ve been looking for in an organic and sustainable mattress.

Mattress Firmness, Comfort Type, and Height:

When it comes to firmness, the Birch Natural is said to have a medium to firm comfort level. Moreover, Birch uses natural latex and premium hypoallergenic and organic materials to manufacture every mattress, sourcing them from such natural resources as the sap taken from rubber trees. This is what gives the bed it’s contouring abilities and pressure relief technology. In addition, this mattress is said to feel quite bouncy, but not in the same way that traditional spring beds may feel. While it provides quick responsiveness, it still offers its users a comfortable and cool night of sleep that doesn’t make you feel too “hugged” or like you’re sinking into the bed. Moreover, this mattress is also suitable for all types of sleep positions, whether front, back or side. At 11 inches in height, it’s considered the standard height for mattresses, which also adds to its medium to firm comfort type.


The Birch Natural mattress is made with six different layers, all of which were carefully designed to work together to provide quality sleep, cooling, and most importantly, rest.


The first layer is made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified organic cotton. Made with a subtle stretch, it’s incredibly soft and highly breathable due to the natural Talalay latex it uses in the lower layers to help increase airflow, keeping its sleeper cool and fresh all throughout the night.

Fire Retardant Organic Wool

This next layer, which is found beneath the quilted cover, uses both organic wool and natural rayon fibers that work as a fire retardant to give much needed protection. Although this natural wool batting layer doesn’t necessarily contour to the body the way all-foam mattresses usually do, it still cradles the body to give much needed comfort and support. The wool used is also considered a highly breathable material that has moisture-wicking abilities to keep heat away from the body as you sleep.

Comfort Layer

As for this mattress’s comfort layer, it’s made from 100% all natural and organic Birch Wool that gives exceptional relaxation and comfort, while managing to retain its natural elasticity and shape throughout the years. Although it doesn’t have the same kind of sinkage that memory foam mattresses do, it still contours and molds to the body without making you feel too sunken in.

Pressure Relief Layer

Made using the natural Talalay latex, this layer is eco-INSTITUT certified to help maintain the mattress’s consistency throughout the years. Moreover, this layer is meant to provide unparalleled support while working towards relieving uncomfortable pressure points in the body, especially in the hips, back, shoulders, and neck. The latex also has small holes for better ventilation and improved airflow to make sure the mattress doesn’t trap heat inside to ensure a cooler night of sleep and rest.

Support Layer

The fifth layer – which is the support layer – is made using individually wrapped 8” steel coils that not only provide wonderful support and cradle the body, but also works to reduce any motion transfer. These coils can also be found close to the edges of the mattress to make sure that it remains firm and minimizes any unwanted sinkage when you sit. Again, these hundreds of coils also help with superior air circulation to keep the mattress cool and airy as you sleep.

Base Layer

Made with FR Wool, this is another fire retardant layer using wool fibers and natural rayon to make sure that you’re safe as you sleep, while also giving additional support to the mattress structure to keep its user from falling off the edge.

Product Dimensions and Price

Cal King11”72”84”$2,099
Twin XL11”39”80”$1,399

Trials, Inclusions and Warranty

Birch mattresses can be purchased either online or in retail stores across the country. These non-toxic mattresses are handcrafted and assembled in the United States, closely monitored to ensure the quality of each and every mattress that’s produced. They even provide their customers with free shipping to all 50 states, something that not all mattress companies do. Birch also has a 100 night sleep trial to allow their customers to try the mattress out for at least 30 days to test it out. After those 30 days, if they still feel it’s not the right bed for them, they can request for a return and full refund for the mattress they purchased. Because Birch believes in the quality of their products, they also offer a 25 year warranty on all of their mattresses. Although their price points may be a bit pricier than other mattresses on the market, they are still priced fairly compared to other organic mattresses. If you’re looking for the highest standard in eco-friendly and sustainable beds, then this could definitely be the mattress for you.