Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

by Chris Admin

There are tons of reasons why you may be a hot sleeper. Alcohol, stress levels, menopause, medications, an underlying medical issue, a sweating disorder, the wrong pajamas, these all play a role every time you go to bed. And while your body temperature naturally cools down when your core temperature drops a few degrees at night, the bed you sleep on can make a huge difference at keeping you warmer than you want to be.

That’s because as your body sheds heat, your surroundings such as your mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets and everything else around you can trap the heat and moisture around you, making you feel warmer than you’d like. And when this happens, your sleep is affected as well, lowering the quality of sleep, and even the number of hours you remain at rest.

Good thing there are many different mattresses on the market that can cater to your particular needs and wants, and more importantly, help lessen unwanted heat but rather, keep you cool at night.

Here are our top 8 picks for best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers.

Best Cooling Mattresses For Side Sleepers – Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress

For a mattress that claims dynamic cooling that’s never too hot or too cold, it’s hard not to include it on the list of best cooling mattresses. The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid mattress was actually designed using science, studying the ideal skin temperature for sleep and creating a mattress that can make it happen. By using a cooling fiber infusion, called GlacioTex, it has cooling gel beads that actually liquify at higher temperatures to actually aid in lowering one’s temperature. Aside from it’s amazing cooling abilities, this bed was designed to also focus on pressure point relief, providing ample support to the joints.

Price Points: $999 (TWIN) up to $2,249 (RV KING)
Warranty: 10-Year Warranty

Trial: 120-Night Comfort Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Dual-Sided Cooling Mattress – Layla Memory Foam Mattress

The reason why the Layla Memory Foam mattress is considered dual-sided is because it’s actually flippable. This means that you can flip it over from one side to the other – the soft side or the firm side – making it two mattresses in one. But this isn’t the only amazing feature to this bed. This mattress is made using copper foam, which is said to be better than the average memory foam since the copper gel actually reacts to increased pressure by becoming firmer when needed, giving better support to the areas you want it the most. And when it comes to hot sleepers, the memory foam used in the mattress is made with copper gel that’s extra conductive, working to carry heat away from the body as you sleep, which not only helps you fall asleep faster, but keeps you asleep all throughout the night. Oh, and did we mention that it’s also one of the more affordable cooling mattresses on the market? Click the link above to check it out for yourself.

Price Points: $749 (TWIN) up to $1,249 (CAL KING)
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Trial: 120-Night Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Plush Cooling Mattress – GhostBed Luxe Mattress

The GhostBed Luxe mattress has received endless awards for being the best cooling mattress on the market, and for good reason. The very top layer is made using their Ghost Ice cover that was designed to absorb heat upon contact while keeping you cool all through the night, reducing the chances of you waking up drenched in sweat. It has an incredibly plush feel too, cradling you like you’re sleeping on a cloud but with just the right amount of firmness you need to keep you stable. Moreover, the gel memory foam works to relieve pressure and pain in the back, hips, neck, and shoulders, but it doesn’t forgo the support and durability you need to get a proper night of rest. Whether you’re a back or side sleeper, you’ll wake up feeling cool, rested, refreshed, and ready to face the day. It may be much pricier than other mattresses on the market, but most people that own this bed say it’s worth every penny!

Price Points: $2,395 (TWIN) up to $5,190 (SPLIT KING)
Warranty: 25-Year Warranty

Trial: 101-Nights Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Cooling Mattress For Couples – The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to the best choice for both comfort and cooling for mattresses meant for couples, the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is on the top of our list. That’s because it has supreme comfort using pressure-relieving gel memory foam that contours to the body in the best way possible. Moreover, the bed is manufactured using individually wrapped coils that keeps motion transfer to a minimum, which means that when your partner moves around at night, you won’t necessarily feel it. But it’s the fact that this mattress was made to provide maximum airflow using its signature ultra-light, ultra-breathable cashmere blend is what keeps you cool in the night. This is what gives couples their most restorative night of sleep, every single night. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable too!

Price Points: $599 (TWIN) up to $1,299 (CAL KING)
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Trial: 365-Night Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress – Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

The Nectar Premier Copper mattress prides itself in its triple cooling action via its dual-action cooling copper cover alongside the gel-infused memory foam with ActiveCool HD. From the top quilted cover with copper fibers that work to pull away heat from the body, and 4-inches of gel memory foam combined with phase change material that adjust to the body’s temperature, this mattress was developed precisely to cool you down as you rest. And what makes it even more attractive to customers is that this bed is good for any type of sleeper, whether you prefer to sleep on your front, side or back. If you’re looking for a cooling mattress with supreme cushioning and softness yet it still has great firmness and support, this is the one for you.

Price Points: $1,199 (TWIN) up to $2,498 (SPLIT KING)
Warranty: Forever Warranty

Trial: 365-Night Home Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Electric Cooling Mattress – Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max Mattress

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max is a mix between mattress and smartphone since it has smart technology that tracks your sleep, automatically adjusts the temperature based on your sleep patterns, and even gives you tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. While you can personalize the temperature on both sides of the bed, you can also set the temperature to change for different sleep phases in the night. Plus, you can even set a GentleRise Alarm that uses chest-level vibrations and gradual thermal change to wake you up at the set time. Plus, the fact that it has a MaxChill Layer that’s infused with silver, copper, and graphite that works to pull heat away from your body as you rest. If you’re a lover of technology and don’t mind spending a bit more to get the cooling mattress of your dreams, consider trying the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max mattress out. The 2-year warranty isn’t as attractive as those of the other mattresses on this list, but all the other features and benefits surely make up for it.

Price Points: $3,695 (FULL) up to $4,295 (CALI KING)
Warranty: 2-Year Warranty

Trial: 100-Night Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Value Cooling Mattress – Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

If you are more budget conscious, the Tuft & Needle Original mattress is our pick for the best value mattress for cooling mattresses. Made with two layers of foam, the T&N Adaptive foam is considered highly durable while working to contour to your body to help relieve pressure points for a comfortable night of sleep. Moreover, the foam is also infused with heat-conducting graphite coupled with cooling gel that helps pull heat away from your body as you sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Considering the smallest sized mattress starts at just $745, it’s definitely one bed that’s a great bang for your buck.

Price Points: $745 (TWIN) up to $1,395 (CAL KING)
Warranty: 10-Year Warranty

Trial: 100-Night Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

Best Overall Cooling Mattress – Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Mattress

Tempur-Pedic has continually been on the best of the best lists when it comes to incredible mattresses, and when it comes to its cooling power, it’s no different. The Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze mattress goes above and beyond when it comes to its cooling. That’s because Tempur designed them in a thermal laboratory precisely to develop the best cooling technology possible. With their SmartClimate Cover System and PureCool+ Technology, this mattress promises 8 hours of amazing deep sleep that keeps you feeling refreshed and restored when you get up in the morning. And despite the focus of this mattress being on incredible ventilation and cooling for hot sleepers, it doesn’t lack in support, pressure point relief or contouring to the body to lessen any tossing and turning through the night to give you the best sleep of your life. Thankfully, with such a hefty price tag, you can actually finance your mattress to make it more affordable with monthly payments.

Price Points: $4,949 (TWIN LONG) up to $9,898 (SPLIT CAL KING)
Warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty

Trial: 90-Night Risk-Free Trial

Shipping: Free within the United States (except HI and AK)

While this list was carefully curated to help you decide on the right cooling mattress for you, it’s important to still head over to a store near you and check out these mattresses for yourself. Since mattress firmness levels are relatively suggestive, what might feel soft to you may still be firm for someone else. Moreover, many of these mattress companies provide additional sales on their price tags while giving away a few extras like pillows or bed toppers with every purchase. An additional tip is to choose a few mattresses from this list that you think are worth looking at and go and check them out personally. This is one step that will bring you closer to purchasing the bed of your dreams and the finally, the coolest and best sleep of your life.