Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

Our Review

The organic mattress market has been growing like crazy over the last few years as consumer demand for all natural products increases. Oftentimes, when you think of products made from organic materials, you associate that with big costs. But that is not the case with Avocado Eco! The bed is constructed with organic material at a very affordable price point. 

What we noticed right off of the bat about the Avocado Eco is that it sleeps incredibly cool, which is perfect for those who sleep hot. 

Sleeping on your back, side or stomach all felt really good and no matter what the position, support could be felt and pressure was relieved from the neck, shoulders, hips and back. 

If you are one who enjoys a memory foam bed, this bed probably won’t suit your needs as it is made from latex and features a coil based support layer. 

The look of the mattress is simply beautiful! The mattress rates about a 6 on the firmness scale, so medium firm to medium soft. 

The mattress does transfer motion a little bit, so if a couple is sleeping in the bed together and one person is tossing and turning – it may be felt. 

Construction & Quality

Cover: The cover is made with GOTS certified organic cotton and organic wool. This gives it a soft-to-the-touch, breathable feel.

Comfort Layer: This layer consists of GOLS-certified natural Dunlop latex. Organic latex is known to be durable, bouncy, and heat dissipating, in addition, it is completely green. Avocado’s latex has certifications from Rainforest Alliance, eco-INSTITUT, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.
Support Layer: The pocketed coil system works well with the latex layer, as it doubles down on its bounce without limiting its durability. The steel coils here are individually wrapped and thicker at the border of the bed. While the springs are not organic, they are made from recycled materials. They also allow for airflow to keep you cool at night.

Price Range

The Avocado mattress is available in all standard mattresses sizes with a price range of $700 to $1300.

Warranty & Trial Period

100 night sleep trial.

10 year warranty.