Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review

by Chris Admin

Allswell is another company that is considered an online only brand, which has become incredibly popular for a number of their home products. And over the years, they have been getting some much-deserved hype for their very affordable, yet highly dream worthy mattresses that provide support, pressure relief, and great motion transfer reduction. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress combines layers of quilted memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils to give its users the kind of comfort and durability that all great beds should have.

Moreover, the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress happens to be the company’s flagship mattress, and customers continue to rave about how much they love it. That’s because it’s considered an upgrade on a hybrid model since it combines two layers of foam with their signature pocketed coils, while still remaining very cost-effective.

For customers on a budget that are looking for a mattress that will provide cooling relief to hot sleepers that tend to overheat, couples that prefer different sleeping positions, and pressure relief for those that suffer from sore and tired muscles more often than not, this could definitely be the right mattress for you. Read on to learn more about the Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress and its wonderful benefits.

Mattress Firmness, Comfort Type, and Height:

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress is considered to be a medium in firmness, yet it also has great support. It’s also known to have good bounce for those that prefer a mattress that doesn’t feel too firm when they sit down, but rather gives a plusher feel overall. It’s made with just a bit of memory foam and more polyfoam, while the pocketed coils work to allow air to flow through the bed to keep hot sleepers from waking up drenched in sweat. Moreover, the top layer provides pressure relief almost instantly, causing the sleeper to want to sink into the mattress as soon as they lay down on it. In addition, this bed is recommended for any sleep position, but it may work better for back and stomach sleepers since it gives enough support while contouring to the body in all the right places. It also sits at 12 inches in height, which is considered higher than other mattresses, but not so high that it makes it hard to get in and out of bed.


This mattress is made with four layers that have been designed to work together to give its user a comfortable, cool, and restorative night of sleep and rest.

Cover Layer

The cover layer of this bed is made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex blend called SwirlFoam that makes the mattress breathable, cool, yet plush. The cover quilt is infused with 0.75 inches of gel memory foam, which not only works to keep you cool and sweat-free, but also gives quick pressure relief as well.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is made from 2 inches of copper-infused memory foam which allows the mattress to contour to the body in ways that best relieve any unwanted pressure. The copper infusion works to whisk away heat that’s usually linked to memory foam, while helping reduce the chances of heat getting stuck inside the mattress layers. This is what helps keep you asleep longer, while reducing the risk of unnecessary tossing and turning through the night.

Transition Layer

The third layer is made from one inch of high-density polyfoam whose main focus is to add support, while also working as a buffer between the softer comfort layer and the core of the mattress, which is firmer in nature. This helps keep the bed feeling plush and soft without feeling like you’re sinking in too much.

Support Layer

The support layer, which is the last layer, is made with 8-inch pocketed coils that gives the mattress its bouncy feel. But every coil is also individually pocketed, which also allows for a reduced amount of motion transfer. This means that you don’t have to be disturbed if the person you sleep beside tends to toss and turn throughout the night.

Product Dimensions and Price

Cal King12”72”83”$875
Twin XL12”37.5”79”$519

Trials, Inclusions and Warranty

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress can be bought online via their website, as well as other online retail stores. And to ensure that you will truly enjoy your purchase, the company provides a 100-nights risk free trial that allows you to try the mattress out for more than three months in the comfort of your own home to see whether it’s really the one for you. They also provide free shipping for purchases over $35 to the 48 states with an exception of California. They can also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for $50, regardless of how much you spend.

This mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty, depending on the inclusions in their warranty clause, which you can easily find on their website. And for those looking to finance their purchases, they can also do so straight from the website as well. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, durable, supportive, and comfy mattress that will last for years to come and give you the best sleep of your life, this could certainly be the mattress for you.