Queen Deluxe 10″ Mattress

Queen Deluxe 10″ Mattress

The Queen Deluxe 10 – inch Memory Foam mattress with dual air flow technology also features a 3 – inch 5.3 pounds viscoelastic memory foam with higher density rating for a firmer support. This is equivalent to a luxurious mattress but at a very affordable price. The 3 – inch top player dual air flow memory foam is made from one hundred percent visco elastic memory foam that is translated into maximum sleeping comfort at half the price you get for branded mattresses with the same features. Best Price at AMA


  • Queen Deluxe 10 – inches memory foam mattress with dual air flow technology. This is made up of 5 inches top layer memory foam and seven inches support base foam made from high density, highly resilient polyurethane.
  • This also features up to 5.3 pounds of density viscoelastic memory foam with one hundred percent cotton zipper velour mattress cover. The four way zipper cover offers an easy to remove mattress coat for convenient washing.
  • The memory foam viscoelastic properties relieve pressure points and reduce risks for body aches.
  • Made with high quality memory foam technology with integrated dual airflow system to improve air circulation.
  • This product is backed with a twenty year product warranty to guarantee its long lasting performance.
  • Memory foam mattress specification: 10” x 60” x 80”


  • The Queen Deluxe 10 – inch Memory Foam mattress with dual air flow technology provides a good night sleep at half the price compared to other branded mattresses. This is an excellent option for those with back pain issues who usually wake up with a nagging body ache. This mattress can provide therapeutic benefits with its vescoelastic technology for a more comfortable sleep. The dual air flow technology makes sure that the neutral temperature is maintained by improving air circulation.
  • The top layer memory foam easily reacts and conforms to the body’s natural contour. The memory foam technology also minimizes motion transfer rate because the sleeping surface is firm enough but not too stiff to compromise the comfort quality.
  • The top layer also provides just the right cushioning and evenly distributes the body weight in mattress surface. This is the reason why pressure points are reduced significantly.


For a queen size memory foam mattress, this is very affordable for about $369.00. Although this is not branded, Queen Deluxe 10 – inch Memory Foam mattress with dual air flow technology is very competitive when it comes to wide variety of features and density rating for its viscoelastic memory foam. With ten inches of memory foam, this is surprisingly lightweight at about 70 pounds. And as one of the best firm retention foams in the market today, this is definitely an excellent bargain deal for its current price. All in all, the Queen Deluxe 10 – inch Memory Foam mattress offers a wide array of comfort features and therapeutic benefits at a very affordable price range. Best Price at AMA